Cycling called unprofessional?

Just when you thought you had heard it all…this story coming out of Treehugger about a Vancouver woman who was ticketed for parking her bike on a bike rack outside her place of work.

The offense?   It seems the owner of the building, Cadillac Fairview, was intending that the racks were for “casual users”, not the workforce.  Despite their fervent commitment to “green” initiatives, CF’s letter to the offender cited the need to maintain the” professional image of the building”, by not having a slew of bikes out front.

Of course, the cycling world is having a field day with this one.  On further investigation, the company has defended itself saying the racks are restricted to 15 minutes, because they are meant to be used by couriers.  Those needing all day parking are assigned spots and lockers in a nearby garage (for a nominal fee, of course).

Perhaps CF should have said just that, instead of inspiring the wrath of the cycling community by making a judgement on the professional or unprofessional look of a full bicycle rack, which presumably they chose in the first place!


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